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The Year of the Bitch!

Updated: 7 days ago

Well, I’m pretty sure this could be one of the animals linked to the Chinese New Year calendar, if not, who do I speak to, to add this bitch onto the list?

What we must all remember, that even though this has been a dreadful year, there have been much worse case scenarios the world has seen throughout its many years.

We, humans, are pretty resilient creatures, but what we must take into account and acknowledge, is to ensure that we all look after one and another, that we start respecting the safety of others whilst ensuring that we are all taking the correct precautions.

Wearing a mask, washing our hands, and keeping a reasonable distance between one and another surely can’t be that hard of a task?

To start with, washing your hands should be number one of your daily routines.

I will accept and agree that wearing a mask isn’t very flattering and can be a tad claustrophobic but surely if it means that we can reduce the number of COVID cases and start to get the world back to normal then it is a very small ask.

At the beginning of 2020, I moved to Cardiff. To start afresh in a city that I love. I’ve worked in Cardiff for over 2 years and have travelled back and forth, crossing 4 counties, just to get to work.

It was only natural and sensible that I pack up and move. 50 mins to work and another 50 home, this is a long-ass journey when you do it 5 times a week, for 2 years.

However, I love my job and I would have quite happily continued to do it, that is if I didn’t find a place to lie in the city. But, luckily for me, I found a place. A new build, in a new development, just on the outskirts of the city. I get that city life without the city prices if you get me.

So new house, new city and now it was time to start socialising more in the city and establish myself as a self-proclaimed socialite, Cue COVID 19! And that was the end of that!

Within a week of moving into my apartment, the pandemic started to spread across the globe.

I managed to move and settle into my apartment but then I began to feel very unwell. I mean I felt, and at some stages, looked like death. I began to feel weak. I was hot, then cold then hot, my body temperature became uncontrollable.

My chest began to feel tight and the coughing was continuous. Days had passed and I remained in the same condition, so after phoning the NHS I went into self-isolation for a further 7 days. This was all before the official lockdown.

Around 10 days had passed and thankfully I began to get stronger, I began to feel myself again. I had beaten the flu, however, I still decided to keep myself to myself and remain in self-isolation for a few more days.

As I returned to full health, a lockdown was announced! Which I truly believe was a good idea, but one that was excecated too late by the government.

It should have been announced from the moment the world health board said there was an epidemic but hey, who am I, thankfully not a politician.

Being in isolation then lockdown has taught me a lot about myself, but it has also provided me with many daily challenges.

I live alone, I’m in a new city and my family and friends are spread across the country and so there were many a time I felt alone. I felt like I was the only one on the planet.

Days and weeks went by where I had not spoken to another person, let alone see another person face to face.

Anxiety levels were regularly peaking, and I wished I could just see and speak to someone.

Thankfully we have the technology, and I must admit, as much as I hate Zoom, it has been a massive lifesaver.

Without zoom or facetime, I wouldn’t have spoken or seen another person, be it virtually, for months.

I love my job in the arts and was recently appointed a board member for ITC arts in London so my plans this year were to travel to London a lot more, go and see shows, attend festivals etc however COVID made sure this was not happening for any of us.

I must condone the Arts sectors across the globe, for ensuring that we have all had access to theatre and arts via the internet with amazing online content from various theatre companies. I mean, without my theatre fix, I truly believe I would have gone mad.

Sitting on my own at night, with my standard G&T in my hand, I started thinking that I need to start revisiting my passion for writing.

I will add, I’m not the greatest writer, and my grammar and spelling at time are atrocious, however, I like to write, and I like to share what I have written. It is the choice of the reader to read my work, and if they choose not to then, hey, I don’t mind. I write for me.

2020 truly has been an awful beginning, and I’m pretty sure that the next few months will remain as equally challenging for us all. But if anything, 2020, has allowed us to just slow down, to take our time and reflect on ourselves and the people around us.

It has ensured that we have some family time, some alone time and some time to get on with those project that we have always wanted to do but never had the chance to do them.

So, my dear readers, what I can only say to you is, try and keep on the positive, try and look at the world through new eyes and appreciate the time we have all had to reflect.

Let’s try and be more positive and forget the negativity.

If we all follow the government guidelines then normality, or the new normality, will slowly and surely return.


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